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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone Ive just retro fitted cruise control & DIS (driver information system) stalk to my 2006 B7 also did another lads from work last week. Its was fairly easy to do and for the £40 I paid for a second hand squib / levers , well worth the money! Ive put this video together on how to fit the stalks and run through the coding using a snap on scanner (in expert mode) Ive not gone into great detail explaining how I found the exact codes I needed to input but have put links to the rosstech site where the codes are explained a lot better , its fairly easy to get your head round once you have a quick read.. ive also put a link in the video description to a google drive file which again explains the procedures quite well. along as you can work out your correct codes you can follow my coding procedure but just entering the codes which suit your vehicle 🙂
  2. After some help please. I'm looking to retrofit heated seats on a 2013 facelife 1.8 a5. I know it can be done but I dont want a switch on the side of the of the seat od like the original switch to be used . Can anyone recommend anyone for the work or any tips to do myself . Thanks
  3. Hi. Has anyone hear fitted new 2017 matrix headlights into a prefacelift audi s3 saloon. Ive fitted the headlights my mains xenons work however indicators, beam and drls dont work Anyone that can help me code it usibg vcds? Thank you
  4. I own an Audi a3 sportsback (58 plate). Does anybody know whether I can get some roof rails like in the photo attached fitted to mine? If so, where do I need to look for them and how much will they be to be fitted? Thanks!
  5. I posted a topic similar to this the other day but as yet, have had no feed back. I have been looking to upgrade my MMI basic plus in my car (red mono screen) with MMI high (colour screen). Has anyone done this? I found this website which tells me I could do it for £1,000: But have since found the same company on e-bay offering, what seems at face value at least, the same service for £150: I am no idiot and know that it is not to be trusted but has anyone used "F-K Navi Expert"?
  6. I quite fancy getting dab radio in my 62 plate a4 (mmi 3g). Read a few bits of info I've found saying it can be retrofitted? Anyone done this? I have found a few genuine second hand dab units which apparently fit in the boot with all the other mmi gubbins and connect with certain cables to the mmi, all which can be bought online quite cheaply? Then use a 3rd party aerial which can be mounted on top of the side panel next to the rear quarter light? Question is, is it that easy or does it need a software change as well? Anyone done this successfully? Thanks for any help!