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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, just recently brought an A5 coupe 2008 2.0T auto it comes with MMI 3G high system with HDD satnav and has a 6 CD changer in the glove box i want to swap out the CD changer for a bluetooth device to play music as it only supports bluetooth for phone,I have been struggling to find the correct adaptor that i would need and most tutorials talk about an AMI port in the glove which i do not have. does anyone have and suggestions that are not costly? Also with the sat nave upgrade i have the current version SOFTWARE VERSION (2011 last update) HNav_EU_K0031_3_D1 Nav, database version 8R0060884_ECE 5.5.5 any suggestion or firmware that i can download to upgrade this to the new 2020 maps if this system can do this thanks for the help guys Dan
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to buy an XTRON unit for my 2012 A3. I've had a similar unit before in a previous car and was impressed with the unit. my concern however is I've seen comments that people are having difficulty with the rear speakers connecting to the unit and operating/performing as they should. I have standard fitted bose speakers connected to standard concert radio. is this issue easily resolved? What extra wiring do you need to buy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Hello, im new to the forum as I have just got a new Audi A1 today. It is a 2014 plate and has the tech pack so has a built in sat nav that is up to date as per 2014. However I would like to try and update this. It has two SD slots the sales men in Audi said this is how we would go about updating it. I am just looking for advice on where to get an updates SD card, how much they are and if it is straigh forward. Can I do it myself as there is already a sat nav set up? Thank you Becky
  4. Afternoon all, I am looking to upgrade my MMI and SatNav Maps. I have the 2013 A4 Avant S-Line 2.0 Diesel model and its running the following versions: MMI: HN+_EU_AU3G_P0612 Maps: 8R0060884AR ECE 6.15.5 Would anyone be able to advise on the best place to obtain the latest disc updates without going through Audi and having to pay through the nose for this? Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated, Danny
  5. Hi Guys, Needing some help/advice on a DAB issue on my 2013 A3 which has the satnav style MMI and a standard sharkfin style aerial. Was all working fine until one day there was no DAB signal for days which was very unusual in my area which is always good. After trying alsorts and resetting the radio within the settings the DAB doesn't even show now in the waveband options. I also very very occasionally get a frozen satnav which may or may not be linked. I have nothing plugged into lighter sockets or have additional satnav or dashcam etc. Can anyone advice on options other than spending £130 on an Audi diagnostic. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I have a 63 plate A1 S-Line TFSI with a few buttons on the steering wheel and centre console to control the sat nav...but the software isn't installed. Is there a way of installing it from a laptop? Seems a shame to have the controls for access but nothing to access! Thanks in advance! Amy :)
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here but hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on my SatNav update saga with my local Audi dealer. I have so far taken my 2009 A6 3.0 TFSI to the dealers three times to have the SatNav updated and I'm still not sure it's been done properly. All I have to go on is the version information via the MMI, which even after the second visit had not changed. Both the software version and the Nav database version were the same as before I took it the first time. HNav_EU_K0022_1_D1 and 8R0060884AH ECE 5.13.8 I did find an empty dvd case on the passenger seat with activation codes and pin numbers for the 2017 maps and was assured that all was done. I took the car back a third time and despite them telling me that the the system had been updated but just looked the same, I showed them a photo on my phone of a friends MMI which had been successfully updated and had totally different numbers for the software and the nav database versions. They went away, and this time came back to inform me that the software version was now updated and while the Nav database version has not changed, the 2017 maps are installed. The software version now reads HNav_EU_K0257_6_D1. I don't think the maps are installed but they assure me that their computer readout says they are. How can I prove it one way or another. Apparently the MMI is not reflecting the maps verion installed. Anyone had any experience with Sat Nav updates? Thanks Adrian
  8. Hi there, I've got a 2015 A3 Sport and have been increasingly cheesed off with the SatNav. To be honest I thought it was pretty crap from day 1 - it shows the wrong level of detail, doesn't take you the best route, doesn't spot traffic jams, always tries to take you back to the traffic jam when you seek an alternative, and keeps swapping between North position and driver position views. On top of that the road data seemed to be almost immediately out of date and apparently there were never any updates available. This time when I've spoken to the dealer they say an update is available (the first since I bought it in March 2015), but that it's going to cost £241 - that's on top of the £500 odd pounds I spent to have it as an added extra. I'm seriously tempted at this point to ditch the Audi SatNav and buy a TomTom. I was wondering what other A3 owners have done ... are you putting up with the Audi one or are you going the 3rd party route. If anyone's put in a third party one, what did you do about fitting it, powering it, and how did you get it to mute the Audi's music system when there was a SatNav announcement? Cheers ... Peter
  9. Hi All, Driving a 2006 Allroad is great fun, knowing where I'm going is generally makes the experience even better. So one of my next priorities is to update the SatNav, any advise on how and where to get hold of the CDs/DVDs. Cheers Phill
  10. Hi All. I'm new to this forum so please accept my apologies if forum etiquette isn't followed. I have a 2012 A3 Sportback 1.8 TFSI SLine Black Edition. I have the standard Audi concert system but I have noticed there is a nice Sat Nav media unit that you get in an S3. I was wondering whether I can install one in my A3, and if so, where can I get one from? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hello one and all 😄 I wonder if any of you lovely people can help me ? I have recently joined as an AUDI driver ,purchasing a rather nice 'Audi A4 s-line avant' and bloomin love it 😄 It's a 2010 model so not the newest of cars but still my current pride and joy , however the satnav is saying I need a disc , I have spoken to my local Audi dealer and they have said that a disc is £189 !! Now after looking on eBay there are 3G discs for about £30/40 .... I'm guessing you know what the next question is .....? Am I able to purchase one from eBay and use those or do I need to buy the expensive version from AUDI dealer ? Thank you in advance 👍
  12. Hi there - just got my S3 yesterday - loving it apart from aftermarket Satnav / multimedia which is AN ERISIN fitted by a previous owner. Doesnt sound like all the speakers are wired up and the satnav is crap to be honest. What other options are there on the market and what is the standard Audi unit like? Cheers
  13. Hi all, I'm new here and I need a bit of help if u dont mind. I recently got myself an audi a7 s line from 2012 and the sat nav doesn't work. I must mention that I didn't have an SD card for it but I've tried with a used one and it comes up the message "the navigation system is not enabled". 2 questions: 1. Do I need a new sd card for it with an activation code? 2. Can I get a used sd card and then to activate it through audi? Any help will do please. Thank you all!
  14. I posted a topic similar to this the other day but as yet, have had no feed back. I have been looking to upgrade my MMI basic plus in my car (red mono screen) with MMI high (colour screen). Has anyone done this? I found this website which tells me I could do it for £1,000: But have since found the same company on e-bay offering, what seems at face value at least, the same service for £150: I am no idiot and know that it is not to be trusted but has anyone used "F-K Navi Expert"?
  15. Hi, If there is anyone looking to update their Audi A8 MMI firmware and sat-nav database, I have a full set of genuine Audi SD cards, one for the firmware (HN+R_EU_AU_K0900), one for the sat-nav database (6.22.4) and the third card which is the official licence. I also have the instructions and can provide e-mail support should it be needed. £160.00 only. Reply to this post if you are interested.
  16. I'm a new member saying, "Hi!" I bought my new A3 2.0TDi S-Line just over a year ago. I'm very disappointed with the voice cues on the SatNav. Here are some examples: 1) It seems that every road starting with a '2', eg. A283, is announced as 'a' (i.e. a lower case), so for my example it sounds like 'Uh two eight three' rather than 'Ay two eight three'; 2) It is often impossible to distinguish between '-ty' and '-teen', eg. 'thirty' and 'thirteen' because emphasis is put on the wrong syllable in the voice cue; 3) Numbers like 'eighteen' are pronounced as 'ay-deen'; 4) The word 'north' is sounds like 'na-worth', whereas 'northeast' is pronounced correctly; 5) Many place names are incorrectly pronounced and some are wrong. In the latter, for instance, the town 'Thame' is pronounced as 'Tems' (as for the river). I have taken this up with the dealer who claims that they have had other complaints and, further, that they found no problems on a test drive. Of course, this test drive was a short circuit of the local area where none of these issues would have been apparent. When I persisted, they suggested that I record examples of the offending voice cues! Sure I'm going to drive around the country and attempt to make recordings while driving! This is a SatNav issue and not specifically related to the A3. Has anyone noted such problems? If so, has the matter been taken up with Audi and what was the outcome? Thanks ronp
  18. Hello everyone. I'm awaiting my A3 (2010) Black Edition which has RNS-E(?) installed. When I sat in it, there was a "plughole" for an audi cable (in the glove box from memory) which allows ipod control but I couldn't find the cable itself anywhere. The dealership says it's included but if it isn't, i'll need a new one .....problem is, which one? Firstly, being a 2010 car, will iphone/ipod track and info appear on the display? Will I be able to control it fully from the steering wheel? Secondly, if yes, then to do this what do I need? Question 1: I think the first option should work, but for more flexibility, would option 2 be OK with a standard Apple charging cable plugged into that -- i.e. would I still retain full control of the iPod with the ability to also control USB sticks if needed instead? This option gives me the widest flexibilty. Question 2: In future, if I upgrade to a newer iPod, would I also be able to simply add an iPod adapter to either option 1 or add my standard lightning charging cable to option 2 to convert to lightning equipped phones and have full control or do I need a completely new/different MMI to lightning cable? Ideally i'd like the MMI - USB cable so that I can (hopefully) plug any android or apple phone or USB stick in and get full control - I just need to know it will work before I order it (or get the dealer to provide it). Thanks for any help. P.S. I haven't recieved the car yet and this is my first Audi so I think it's an RNS-E satnav installed but may be wrong. I posted an intro in the "New members introductions" section and put a photo of the unit in the cabin in there so you can see what it comes with...