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Audi A3 2008 Doesn't go above 3000 RPM


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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone with an Audi A3 has had issues with their car not running past 3000 RPM and if they can help me identify the mechanical problems?  My car was working fine until this morning when I started driving to work and noticed my car would run fine until I got to 3000 RPM and it would max out and cut out power and wouldn't go any further?  Mine is a 2008 model manual, it drives fine up to 3000 RPM in each gear up to 4th (didn't try past that) but I did notice when I started it up again, the check engine light came on.   I have been researching online and the possible issues that I have come across of what it could be include the fuel pump, high pressure pump and arm on the cam shaft?  Can anyone please help me and confirm from their previous experiences or knowledge and give me advice how to fix it?  Cheers...

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i believe not going over 3000 rpm is the car`s computer putting the car in limp mode to protect the engine you need to get it to a garage so they can hook it up to a computer and find the faults codes at this stage its just guess work

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3 hours ago, Dave_Aus_A3 said:

Thanks Paul and Steve for your replies.  The check engine warning light is on when I drive...

In that case I'd be getting it to a garage to see what fault codes flag up.



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