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That's me back home!

Away from the hotel in good order and seeing rail people in the Glasgow area! One chap is busy dealing with an incident but has time to see me. The incident involves a road/rail Landover crew cab which is allowed to carry five in the cab and six in the back on rail as a crew delivery bus has got badly damaged and a couple of people injured. It transpires that it ran into a stationary road rail rubber duck (wheeled excavator). The electronics show it was travelling at 40mph when it should be at 20 max! Now looking to see if the in cab camera reveals any horse play etc! The duck wasn't damaged but the Landrover suffered slight structural damage but major panel and component damage! 

After visiting a few other people, I headed home, spending a lot of the drive on the phone.

Tom had asked me to help him get the engine over to his but has gone boozing instead. He tells Caz that he has to go out tomorrow and Saturday too! I do believe that he is finding a taste for it too!

Caz was in bed when I got home, she got up later for tea and will be in bed soon ready for her last shift before holiday! Whoopee!

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Caz away for her last shift at 3:30. I'm away at 8 to train some more people at Network Rail at South Milford. Then to see a few people locally before heading south to the factory. I drop if the trailer that I dragged around Scotland with the little tractor mounted in the busted pallet. I grab the large Tri axle and after a bit if banter, head home.

Caz's mini is due an MOT while we away so I load than on the trailer as Caz is too tired to drive it to North Nottinghamshire. We had a quite night and in bed early. Tomorrow/today is the day I got to return the lemon Q7 and leave the owners club! I would rather be at a pub to watch the rugby! Good luck England and good luck Ireland and Scotland!

I just thought, the Q7 is quite a long car, I wonder if it will fit on the trailer!?!

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We were both awake early, Caz was off to see an old workmate her new baby while I collected a road tow from the local dealer.mthen I head down to Shepshed to sort out and load the Q7. I'm taking it back as it got sold to us. But I'll leave the battery monitoring ECU in place so it starts and runs.

She is inches too wide to fit between the posts on the trailer so one comes off. Once all our kelter is removed, load, strap and set off for Oldham. The weather gets worse on the way with torrential rain and high winds. I park a street away and drive into their yard. I'm met by a young lad who will not sign for it. So I start to photograph her and another chap appears. He also refuses to sign. I just say that I got photographs of it being there and in good nick! He tries several times to hand me the keys, "let's talk", blah blah blah! "Sorry chap, the time to talk was last September, I've done what the bank has asked me to do and they have refunded my money". He looks mighty shocked and I walk away in the rain. Shame, it could have been a long term ride! Will start to search for another in a week or two.

Surprised that Wales beat Ireland so easily and even more surprised when Scotland fought back and we only just got a draw! World Cup is around the corner and we need to improve massively to have any chance in Japan!

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Got to admit - the holiday apathy was strong yesterday!

Put the trailer back together and loaded the loaned woodchipper on it which took a bit of messing around. I hadn't got the winch control cable so had to park trailer, witch chipper and reveres it up the bed! Then unhitch, hitch to trailer then strap etc. You need a bit of space to turn the trailer around and reverse up to it so grateful that the field wasn't too soft despite the rain.

Caz and I did a few household chores then a trip to town to stock up with dog food etc. During last spring, a roll of roofing felt appeared so that the cats outside shed, dog pound and hut could get a new cover, I suggested that he does the garden shed/workshop too as the felt was gone on the windward side and the walls are no longer weather proof either. I suggested that I do the shed at the end of the summer and again at the end of Autumn. At Christmas, I asked where the felt was and I'd do it. All to no avail. Infuriatingly, the shed has got a touch of wet rot in the roof now and holes in the walls where the timber has cracked and opened. I decided to put a plastic sheet over it to keep the weather out and things like the tools and bikes dry and get a black look from him and the comment that the winds will have that away! Sometimes, I want to walk away and let the place tumble down as he cannot manage and appears to not be bothered either! I went and had a nap on the sofa!!!

We fly to Egypt for 10 days tomorrow and it is Caz's birthday while we are there. So her kids had already told us that we were going to an Italian and they would pay. Doing anything like going out for a meal is always difficult at hers - we have only managed it once without Caz's sister's family and her Parent's coming - whether they are invited or not! They just assume that they are! Then they railroad the job, insisting that we go to a 'food for the masses' pub and to be honest, I don't think that it is good value food/pub either! So, they are advised that we aren't about in the evening and they invite themselves and reach for the phone to book mediocre pub. Daughter takes the hump and to be honest, needs her legs slapping! The old folk mean well and do a lot for the family and to forcibly tell them that they aren't coming is hard. The txt row with the daughter goes on to the point we get a message saying that she isn't coming where ever we go and she will see us, if she can be bothered, when we get back! Kids! Aren't they a joy at times.....

She agrees to come as long as we don't get angry at her as non of this is her fault....Anyhow, we had a decent Italian in Wildwood in Lincoln and come away. Caz is staying there while I go back to Shepshed. I am still a little 'fizzy' about talking the car back and the young one's attitude!

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