A6 Avant 2014 TDI 3.0 diesel smell

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Hi I have had the above car for 6 months.  Still under Audi Warranty.

When the car is started, it smells really bad.  I know it diesel but it stinks and is really noticeable.  This may not be related but the start stop doesn't really kick in anymore, this has been going on a while not just the recent colder weather.  Also the mpg seems to have dropped, this maybe linked to stop start not working as you can see the mpg fall so quickly while at traffic lights.

Car does some short trips with longer rides at weekend.  Any ideas?  the smell is the main worry, even the mrs has said how bad it smells

looking to take to Audi but I know how they like to just wash their hands of stuff






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Hi Hugh, as the car is mainly used for short journeys I'm wondering if the dpf is clogged with soot and as such could account for the start stop not working and reduced mpg. 

As it's under warranty I'd get it booked into Audi for them to run a diagnostic check and they can do a regeneration on the dpf to clear it out if soot. 



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