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Ross Nuten

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I have a 56 plate 2.0TDi 170 quattro.

Started to go into limp mode.Particularly when towing.Did get worse and then DPF light came on So so took to Specialist who replaced the fuel pump and both sensors.Reset car however the light came on within seconds.They said give it a long run to clear contaminated exhaust. Took the car at 2.600 rpm 100 miles and still have Limp mode DPF and engine management light on. I know if the lights were clear it would go!!!! Engine has done 35,000 miles only.

The clock now resets its self on starting???


Any ideas???



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Might be worth trying a good quality fuel additive like Millers. Double dose a full tank of fuel (add before filling with derv) and boot it a bit, higher revs. You should see lots of smoke come out the back for a few miles. This will help clean injectors and also the DPF.

If this doesn’t work, unless nobody else has any suggestions I would be taking this to an engine specialist or a VAG dealer and paying for a DPF re-gen.

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