Error P0087 & P0088 pressure issues

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Hey everyone first post here and hoping you can all help, I have a 2.0tdi quattro 170ps the other day coming bk from work the engine cut out after a brief flash of the coil light got the car home and ran a basic scan giving codes P0087 and P0088 so checked the HPFP and found metal flake so I have replaced that for a 2nd hand unit with same part numbers also replaced fuel filter, I've checked lines from the common rail to injectors and they are free of metal flake (fingers crossed they are all good) but the problem I'm having even after running vcds to prime the fuel system the damn thing still won't start fuel is getting to injectors and it's like the car wants to start as it trys to splutter into life with a squirt of easy start but just cuts out again... What could I of missed ???

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Good news 1 and all shes alive again ended up doing full system flush and new injectors but shes back on the road again now 😀😀😀

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