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Found 11 results

  1. Hello – I am hoping for some help as I am new to Audis and I’ve recently purchased an automatic 2004 A3 S-Line 2.0 diesel with 150,000 miles. The main issue I have when the car is in automatic mode and I am trying to accelerate when I’m already going fairly fast. To add some context to that. I drive on the motorway to get to work and I only really notice the issue during this time. Generally it’ll happen if I’m already in the highest gear and need to overtake or attempt to change lane which requires some level of acceleration. Instead of accelerating, the car just revs but there’s no power. The car does feel like it’s changing gear but it sounds very sporadic. I’m no expert but I understand the kickdown should ensure that the car is in the correct gear to cope with the sudden acceleration? Whatever speed I’m doing at the time doesn’t increase and if I don’t keep my foot flat on the accelerator the car starts to lose power. But by doing so the car is then at maximum revs. Worryingly, it’s not temporary either. I need to stop the car and switch off the engine before it seems to stop. I’ve tried switching the car to manual and using the paddles to change down a gear or 2 but this does nothing. The display shows the gears going down but the engine doesn’t behave in a way that would suggest it’s actually doing anything, it just keeps revving excessively. As I’ve mentioned. The only way to stop it happening is to stop the car completely and turn the engine off. This doesn’t happen every time (thankfully) but as you can imagine, once is enough during rush hour on the M3! I plan to take it to a garage but I wondered if anyone has experience anything like this before and what the potential cause could be. It would be helpful to be armed with some knowledge ahead of any trip the mechanic. This is my first time posting so I hope I've given enough detail on the issue Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey everyone first post here and hoping you can all help, I have a 2.0tdi quattro 170ps the other day coming bk from work the engine cut out after a brief flash of the coil light got the car home and ran a basic scan giving codes P0087 and P0088 so checked the HPFP and found metal flake so I have replaced that for a 2nd hand unit with same part numbers also replaced fuel filter, I've checked lines from the common rail to injectors and they are free of metal flake (fingers crossed they are all good) but the problem I'm having even after running vcds to prime the fuel system the damn thing still won't start fuel is getting to injectors and it's like the car wants to start as it trys to splutter into life with a squirt of easy start but just cuts out again... What could I of missed ???
  3. Rio


    Hi, I am a new member. I have been looking endlessly for a gear box for my Audi A6 Sline 2.0 TDI Diesel (Automatic). My VIN code is WAUZZZ4FX7N126957 Can anybody assist please. Thanks Rio
  4. Hi, just joined the group and looking forward to getting involved, my first question: I'm looking to buy a 2014/5 A4 Avant 2.0d Black Edition Auto (think I've found the car!) and having ever so slight OCDish I like things symmetrical (I could not buy an Alfa, that number plate!!) So the one (twin) exhaust outlet haunts me!! 😱 I've done some research and have found a conversion to 2 outlets RS4 in style. Wondered if anyone has any knowledge of these conversions I'm sure it will fix my OCD nightmare but will it make a noise difference? are there other benefits or negatives on the conversion? This is the one I'm looking at: Thanks all appreciate any and all comments!
  5. Hi guys,I have an A5 2.0TDI Quattro 190PS Black Edition Plus, November 2015. I bought it second hand from Audi with 8000 miles on the clock in January 2017. It is killing me on fuel!! I am getting around 200-240 miles per tank (60 litre tank) and no I do not floor it constantly. At it’s first service which was around 3 weeks ago I told Audi about my fuel efficiency. They did a diagnostics check and checked for any leaks and said it was all fine! They put it down to cold weather (even though the mpg has been awful for the whole year!), my driving and stop start traffic driving conditions. I got a remap put on the car last week in an attempt to help the fuel efficiency but it’s literally the same and hasn’t helped.This is not right, has anyone experienced anything like this? If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful! Thanks in advance.
  6. I have an Avant A4 02 1.9 130 bhp that's been amazing. Got it on 72 k and now on 170 k. Looking to upgrade. Want to stay with diesel, only mechanic friends tell me stay away from 06-09 plates as too many issues. Oil seals, n more go. Remedied on 2010 plate, but that's too dear for me. Anyone got experience with the 2 litres between 06-09? Love to hear your experiences. I could go for the 2005 2litre but adviced to go for ones with bkd at beginning of engine number and not BLB as they wear down valve housing fast. Have not yet found a bkd one. When did buying a car become so tricky! Had audi's for 19 yrs!
  7. Cars from beginning to now 17 yr old Citroen Saxo 1.1 Forte 2001 Before I got 18 I got banned for a year 18 yr old and ban ended got a Honda Civic 1.6 2002 19 yr old Vauxhall Vectra 1.9TDI (150) 2005 (got caught doing 120mph on M6, got banned for 14 days) 20 yr old Cadillac CTS 3.6 V6 2006 Silver (got caught doing 76mph in a temporary 50mph on the m6, got banned for 10 days) 21yr old Cadillac CTS 3.6 V6 2007 Black 21yr old Audi A6 3.0TDI 2005 Manual Silver 22yr old Audi A6 3.0TDI 2006 Auto Grey 22yr old Eunos Roadster 1.6 1990 Blue I'm 22 and I'm on my second Audi. First one was a 2005 A6 3.0TDI SE Manual and now i currently have a 2006 3.0TDI S Line LeMans Auto. The gearbox in the manual was shockingly bad so went for a auto. So far on the LeMans I have had a remap, 4 new Uniroyal Rainsport 3's and they are so sticky it's amazing. Changed the whole character of the car. Took it round the Nurburgring so put a sticker on the back ;) I've just ordered a RS6 Style honeycomb grill but without the RS6 badge. Windows are Tinted and I want to get the lights smoked too. I have also ordered a big Quattro badge for the bottom of the grill. It's all debadged from new except the two main Audi badges. I'm after a Milltek exhaust and anything else to get some more power gains . . . If you have any ideas please tell me
  8. Hi all! After a few years of owning a beauty of an A4 I've decided it's time for a change so I am selling it. currently at 204000miles (a lot of motorway miles), last serviced in August (interim) with an MOT until 15 Dec 2016. Externally: black, GmBH sports body kit, alloys, spotlights, colour coded mirrors. Has a small line of surface rust on the drivers side door and a slight dent on the n/s front wing. Internally: Black leather seats front and rear, front seats with electrically adjustable lumbar support, black s-line headline and pillar trim, Alpine Multimedia played inc Bluetooth connectivity for calls and MP3 files, dual zone climate control, storage compartment in rear seat, front electric windows, leather steering sports steering wheel. Leather all in good condition; minor wear on buttons (as pictured) Two keys and service history until 2014; self serviced since then except for brake and tyre changes. All tyres have plenty of tread and are premium (Pirelli etc) front brakes upgraded to EBC greenstuff pads and premium discs. Open to offers in region of £2000 Any enquiries give me a shout!!
  9. Any body tell me if there is a pre-heater on board the A3 (2015) model that heats the cabin, aids the demist of front screen? Outside air temp is below freezing and window is already demisting / de icing after a min or two (cabin is feeling warm) Cheers
  10. Audi A3 2.0 TDi s-line Lovely car it's been looked after its very clean and lots of extras... Xenons DSG Semi auto Auto headlights Auto wipers Auto dimming & heated mirrors Half leather Multifunction steering wheel Audi symphony surround system Full service history MOT 98k motorway mileage £6750 offers considered Hertford 07837027712
  11. checked re gassing, put pressure Guage on started engine ect put on low temp but guage is reading 55psi so no gas required according to chart so there is another fault can anyone help,