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Oil level sensor

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Locked out of A4 SE tdi 2009 with key and remotes inoperative.. Got the AA out who disconnected oil level sensor to power up car with no success. Damage to door trim, seals and still did not get in. Broke window and got car started. Now oil level sensor bust, AA says could not have been them, computer says that’s the way to do it. That oil sensor had been ok for 138,000 miles and ten years of use but now it is bust. What do people think?

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Hello Tom,

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate event - must have ended up rather expensive with having to replace a broken window and have the other trim damage to contend with. 

No doubt they removed the undertray to get at the oil sensor ?? -since they could not have opened the bonnet. 

As annoying as it is to have to spend even more funds to replace the oil level sensor, it wouldn’t surprise me that the AA will retain their stance that they only disconnected it, and the argument is likely to simply go on. It might just be less frustrating and deal with that ‘damage’ as well as the more costly?- other damage. 

When you is bust..... are you sure, or is it a question of simply reconnecting but having to now plug the car in to accept the reconnection? Worth enquiring about.

Kind regards,


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