New RS6 Wheel exchange

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I am taking delivery of a new RS6 sometime in the spring.

Unfortunately the Vorsprung trim model only comes with the grey wheels in the UK and i want the Black wheels that come on the Carbon edition.

IN my view this is the wrong way around since the Vorsprung edition comes with the Gloss Black pack it ought to come with the black wheels and vice versa.

Is anyone buying a Carbon Edition and would like to swap their black wheels for the grey?


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Thanks for raising the question David,

I thought black wheels were now rather ‘last year’, and grey was becoming the ‘must have’ wheel colour for the 20s. 

Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth,

I hadn't heard that but possibly.

My reasoning is that the Carbon Black edition, that comes with the Carbon pack, which is essentially grey, looks better with the Titanium Matt Gloss wheels. Whereas with the Gloss Black pack, that comes on the Vorsprung edition, the Gloss Black turned wheels look correct.

Indeed this is the way that most of the cars that have been tested by the press/bloggers on youtube etc and are German spec are configured.

its frustrating in the UK, that when ordering a car such as this you cant specify the colour of the wheels as you can in Germany, France etc

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