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Trim, door mouldings for A4

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Hello you lovely lot! 

Recently having an absolute nightmare with trying to replace the trim at the bottom of the nearside door, it's an A4 avant S line 2006. I've looked all over the shop to no avail. It's a pain because the looks decent and I'd hate to change it. Can anyone recommend a place for parts? Also would you know if they have the parts in the your colour preference or is that a colour matching job? Any advice would be amazing as am going round in circles. Cheers. 



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Hello Luke,

Not sure if you are having difficulty removing and refitting a new one, or simply trying to buy a new one. Could you let us know. 

Also, it’s difficult to work out from your photos the difference between damage and possible reflections. 

Whatever, the damage is, isn’t it within the bounds of being repaired by your local trusted ‘smart repairs’ specialists? Probably far cheaper than buying new (if you can find a delay who is open), and removing and refitting a new one. 

New ones already colour finished? Doubt it. 

Kind regards,


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The correct name for this part is called a door blade 👍 abd usually bare clipped/screwed in at the back of the door. 

You might find on RS models the door blades are brushed aluminum. On my a6 they're just bare plastic. I suspect yours is plastic abd it can be painted. 



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