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hello guys audi a7 is the car of my dreams but I'm a little afraid of the problems that may occur I searched the net and there are quite a lot but the biggest problem that scares me is when the gearbox breaks and must be changed with a new one that costs quite a lot you can also tell me those of you who had this car like the models from 2012-2013 after 1-2 years of use how did you find this car what you liked the most about it and what not you liked it in the end you thought it was a good investment even if most people after the internet say they are pretty bad


also sorry for my english if it s not very good

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The a7 is based on the a6 chassis and running gear. Here's a video which might help:



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I've had a 3rd-hand 2011 A7 for the past 3 years, and liked it so much that I'm trading in for another one.
Yes, I have had a couple of gearbox issues during that time; one caused by the electronics, and one by a bursting oil hose.  Neither required a new gearbox though.
That might sound like it is fraught with problems, but EVERY car I've had has had it's own unique issue (like a BME5series that needed topping the radiator up every 1000 miles, and often blew holes in the radiator itself!).


I've found the A7 to be a proper "luxury barge", smooth ride, and not as common a sight on the roads as A6/A6/Jag/BMW.  I have the petrol 3.0 which has a nice amount of poke in the right range for overtaking on A roads when required.


The trouble with just reviewing the Internet forums, is that most people only visit when they have a problem.  The quietness of this forum is a combination of the low numbers of people that drive A7s, and the (realistically) low number of problems.

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I have had a 272bhp A7 for just over 2 years, it's been relatively faultless in that time and is an excellent machine.


It had 32k on when I bought it and it's now showing 83k but I'm now ready for a change and it's a massive quandary as the A7 ticks so many boxes for me (main one being 4x4 and a good quiet cruiser as mine has the double glazing)



I'd highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed, just look for a full SH including the gearbox (every 38k on mine)

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