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How can I give my New A6 50TDI back?

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I took delivery of a brand new A6 50 TDI (C8) Black edition in March 2020 and I hate it. 

First the gearbox lag which was mostly fixed by the software update to the gearbox. Now I have an MMI issue, after a recall update. 

I have only really started doing any miles in it as lock down has reduced. The more I drive and experience it the more I hate it. 

Any other item I would have given it back as faulty and got my money back. In knowingly paid a premium for an Audi, as I previously had an A7 and loved it.

Does anybody know how I can give it back and get out of the finance, without paying thousands?

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Hello Norton, 

It comes over load and clear that you just dislike (hate) the car, rather than a dissatisfaction with the dealer being able to reasonably fix the issues under complaint - which he must be given opportunity to do, before being able to reject the car. 

As I see it, your dislike of the car outweighs its problems, so having good grounds to reject the car may not be completely justified. Of course I could be wrong on this, but if not, the wallet-offending alternative may be the only way out if the hatred is that serious. 

Just a personal opinion of course.

Kind regards,


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