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Finally found a solution for MK2 TT Space Saver Wheel

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Hi all,

Relative newbie here just trying to find my way so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. 

I've been hunting across various forums for a solution to the 'what space saver actually fits in the wheel well of my Mk2 TT' question and just wanted to pass on my findings. I know it's been discussed on various threads before but I thought I'd clump all the relative information in one place for a newbie reference and also for your feedback to whether this is the best solution. Any draw backs to using this approach etc?

So my understanding is use a :


Space saver from mk5 Golf GTI

VW Part Number 1K0601027B

125/70r/18 Tyre - Stud Centred 67mm


I have included a handy video for installation below.



Any feed back or additional tips would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe and happy,



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Well done that man! Thanks very much for the info, Luke808.

I live out in the sticks and hate the fact that there's no spare wheel for that tyre shredded emergency that, to me at least, always seems to happen at 2.00 a.m with absolutely no help around what so ever. Doing this mod., will at least get me home and, as you mention, with an almost insignificant loss of space in the boot.

I'll be straight on to e-bay to get a wheel organised asap. 

Thanks again, cheers, Jimbo.


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Hi Luke,

I've just bought a 2008 Mk2 TTS which doesn't have a space saver spare and I'd like to get one.  I've only just joined the owners club and have read your post.

You've suggested using a space saver from a M5 Golf Gti, which due to its width does not fit into the spare wheel well. Is this because there isn't a space saver wheel available for the TT? (I really would like the boot cover to fit correctly).

Any guidance would be useful, thanks.

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