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I am a new owner of a 1993 Audi B4 cabriolet 2.0.

Really enjoying my car which I plan to do some bits of work on. I have a couple of issues that I want to sort soon. The temp guage is not working, the rpm clock is intimitantly jumpy from no read out to normal. I've checked the fuse of the instrument cluster but the speedo and clock are both OK so don't think it's that. Also I need the two side rubbers (no surprise after some Internet research). Any ideas regarding these issues, oh and any specialist parts dealers? Look forward to my time on the forum. 

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Hello Matt,

In the absence of any other replies so far, perhaps some of the following may point you forward:- 

Temperature gauge -since you have confirmed the gauge is receiving voltage, then I would suspect a failed temperature sender unit. Exactly where it lives within the coolant system on your car? - but I would anticipate it to only have one wire feed to it on this age of car. The sender is usually brass bodied and possibly screwed into thermostat housing or similar. Take you have a Haynes workshop manual, and this should assist. 

Rev. counter. Does you model still retain an ignition distributor? If so, the rpm signal was usually picked up there, so worth cleaning all associated connections. 

Side rubbers? Perhaps you could elaborate on which ones you mean. 

Sources of parts? This age car is now under the umbrella of a ‘modern classic’ , and indeed there is a monthly publication by that name. It would be worth looking at specialist advertisers in there, and perhaps placing wanted adds for what you need. Other publications include ‘Classic Car Weekly, Classic Car Buyer, Classic Car Mart etc.etc. 

Might be worth popping in to your local longer established Audi dealer/s and having a chat with the parts department boys. This car is from the era when were stocking parts rather than obtaining them by overnight order, so...... you might be lucky. Anyway, worth fostering relationships in any case. 

What are you doing for insurance Matt? This age of car should qualify for classic car insurance, with the all important agreed value cover. If this isn’t your sole means of transport, then such cover is really a must have. Just let us know if this might be of any use. 

Good luck and enjoy the car.

Kind regards,


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If you ever need any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.



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