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Castor Arm Bushes replacement

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I've been quoted £672 to replace the front Castor Arm Bushes on my 2012 A6 TDi. Is this a fair price? Seems more like a typo to me but wanted to see if anybody 'in the know' would have an opinion. 





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Hi is it an independent garage or a dealer, sounds a bit steep for standard bushes but if they are Polyflex bushes the kit alone is a bit pricey, but I can recommend these as used them on my Ford cabs I owned as the sway bar and lower arm bushes were notorious for tearing out but having gone to the expense of buying these bushes on the last car I never had a recurrence of these problems for the next 160k after which I sold the car to a mechanic at my local garage who has had the car for over a year and never reported a problem with these items when asked, other than that shop about.

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4 hours ago, Rich L said:

Thanks. Yes, it's an independent dealer, and as I'm thinking of getting a new car in the next 12 months, I just want it to pass an MOT. 

Hi I have found through experience that the independent specialist are nearly as expensive as the main dealers, if I were in your place I would find a small local independent garage and get a second opinion on the bushes, then if there is an issue with them get them to price the job using mid range aftermarket parts Febi,ACP,Meyle in view of the fact that you are going to get rid in a year as long as you don't do starship milage these parts are pretty robust.

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