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All season tyres

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Can anyone tell me if they’ve fitted all season tyres to their Allroad ? If so what were the results like - and which tyres did you go for. 
255/45x19 seems an awkward size for tyres. 
Your help and advice is appreciated!

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Hello Ian,

Probably a cynical opinion, but the relatively recent promotion of winter tyres in U.K. - seemingly an understandable legal? requirement in certain countries, was then followed by a so called cross climate tyre. These tyres are reputed to be suitable for summer and winter use, but the logic would follow that these are a ‘compromise’ tyre. 

The question to ask then is - do we have a significant number of snow days across the country in an average year, to justify moving to a compromise situation throughout the remainder of the year? 

As I see it, the answer to that question will be the decider on whether these tyres are generally needed throughout the average weather over the year. 

Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth and thanks for your reply. The reason is simple. I had a Ford Kuga AWD which in its OEM Hankooks struggled on wet grass. Once I fitted Goodyear Vector 4 seasons it was transformed. I do spend time on field edges and muddy tracks in my Allroad hence the question. I’m just looking to maximise its adaptability. 
A set of slightly more aggressive treaded tyres may be better - they may be a waste. Hence why I turned to his forum for advice before spending. 

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