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So, I will put pictures up tomorrow.

Who would be interested in an A6 Allroad Quattro Pickup Conversion? Or what do you think ones is worth...

The car has done 110k, 2.7 BiTurbo engine and in the last 2 years has had these replaced while the engine was out for the build:

Clutch, Flywheel, Injectors, Waterpump, Cambelt, Full Service, All AUX Belts etc -  Every single serviceable item was replaced.

Every KG of weight removed from the car has been replaced with engineered steel so the car weighs as it did from factory KG FOR KG.

My boss at work would sell it to me for £2,500 - The car cost £9,000 to build so this is a steal, but what do you guys think it would be worth?

Nothing was skimped on or missed out, where the doors are missing everything has been removed ECU to reflect this so there's not any electrical issues etc.

It's on Q5 19" Rims, 320HP with a dyno printout and 12 months MOT from today.



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Hello Luke, 

Sounds and looks interesting, and obviously attracts your interest - which of course is the main thing here. 
To me, this is quite simple - If you like it, and can afford the £2,500 asked - just buy, enjoy it, keep it, and get value for your expenditure. 

If, on the other hand, you might be considering buying it, and selling it on for a profit to someone else, then.....? 
Different situation, and you will obviously be canvassing for opinion on whether you might get a profit from it - we don’t know your reason for asking. 

If it’s the latter, then making money is obviously a gamble. 
It sounds like the vehicle which might generate interest at classic car shows, and might well yield a profit when seen. I don’t think it needs to be said that it’s unlikely to be many/any such shows within the next 3 months.

Perhaps you could let us know where your interest lies here Luke. 
Kind regards,



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nice   that  is  done  well    kev

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