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A3 ETron defrosting?


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Morning all,

I'm struggling to defrost the frozen front windscreen on my Audi A3.  I don't think I can start the engine to warm up the cabin and defrost the windscreen as the car will run on its batteries until a set speed before it cuts in. Or in battery mode the engine doesn't cut in until 25miles later!  Should my screen defrost have an electric heater element to warm the screen without the use of the engine heat exchanger?  Or is there some way of starting the engine even with the drive battery fully charged?



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Hi Cent.

Cheers for your reply.  I spoke to Audi again a few days ago.  They suggested, left foot hard on the foot brake, right foot hard on the accelerator. Then press and hold the Stop/Start button for a second.  As soon as the engine starts take your foot off the accelerator.  It will then fast idle and allow you to set the windscreen defrost to warm the screen and the car.  By the way, you have to unplug the charge lead as the car won't let you start it while it is connected.    Martin.


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On 1/18/2023 at 8:29 AM, Pantone476c said:

I ended up here after Googling the same problem, and found a solution for me on another forum: use the Climate Control / Auxiliary Air Conditioning via the MyAudi app. It cleared all screens on a really frosty morning without having to step outside!

Glad you found the solution and thanks for letting others know 🙂

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