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A1 1.6TD 2016 - Rear brake pads


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Hi all,

Looking to change the rear pads and discs on an A1 1.6TD 2016, but Demon Tweeks have different packages based on whether the car is fitted with Girling or TRW calipers. Does anyone know how to tell which the car is fitted with?

Many thanks!

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Hello Ryan,

Thanks for joining the forum. 
Some possible ways forward:- 

Audi are unlikely to give you the part numbers if you aren’t buying from them. Motor factor listings can often be vaguer than they need to be, so you have to do a bit of spade work - as you are finding. 
Basics:- the ‘packages’ are often based on disc diameter, so my first port of call would be to measure the outside diameter of the disc. You can sometimes do this without taking the wheel off if the wheel design is quite open. 
Once you have this OD then it often boils it down.

TPS will sometimes (in caps) give you part numbers - sometimes they won’t even talk with you if you don’t have an account! 

I have used Car Parts in Motion ( no connection) a couple of times recently and found their advice, service, and pricing to be good. You simply input your reg. no. and it usually lists the correct ones, or alternatives via. VIN. You can also e-mail them for correct fitment, and they have a specialist team who sort out suitabilities. 

If you have to take the wheel off to measure the disc, then careful inspection of the calipers usually points to cast in numbers or makes. 
Perhaps you could let us know how you get on Ryan.

Kind regards,



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