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Etron niggles - hopefully fixed


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Last week I decided to take my 2020 Etron 55S (2,500 miles) back to Amersham Audi for the software update recall. As it was going in anyway, I asked them to look at the various intermittent but often repeated niggles - uncommanded: unlocking (or the app saying the car was unlocked when it wasn't), tailgate opening, window opening and sliding roof tilting; yellow triangle warning on the dashboard indicating that central locking has a problem; charging at home often failing to start when on a timer; endless 'Vehicle status could not be retrieved' messages; reversing guidelines sometimes not appearing on the display screen; poor GPS performance, including being advised that I have insufficient charge to undertake a journey of 20 miles when there is over 100 miles of charge in the battery; and finally the one issue that isn't intermittent - rubbish visibility at night on the reversing screen.
The car was kept in workshop for 3 full days, and I only collected it last night, but the backbrief is, I think, worth sharing. Most surprisingly I was told that, when my Etron was built, the software version that was installed was the wrong one for the hardware!! The consequence has been that loads of sensors in the car were outside their specification limits! They also found that in the 5 months I have owned the car (effectively from brand new), the sliding roof drainage channels had become blocked, and the headlining was getting damp.
I have asked for a copy of the bill they will be sending to Audi HQ, so I get a better idea of exactly what has been done - I am just glad 3 days' worth of work was all under warranty! I was also informed that all doors had an upgrade fitted to the locking mechanism. I will post again when I get the bill being sent to Audi which I hope will itemise the work undertaken, and when I have had time to see how the car behaves so I can see whether the niggles have indeed been rectified; but the technician I spoke to seemed to suggest that the catalogue of problems listed above were all related to the wrong software being installed when the car was made.

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