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A4 Avant 45 Vs S4


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Hi All,

Looking at the A4 Avant as my next car and interested in some info on the 45 badged petrol.

Had a search but couldn't find anything about this specificly, just wondered if anyone's driving the 249bhp petrol A4? It seems a bit of a rare engine and I was wondering what people's experience is with it and the kind of mpg you get from it? 

Seems like the sweet spot between power and economy but I'd like some real world figures!

I've also been looking at the diesel S4 which would be a very different purchase (north of 40k, and it would need to be dream car for that kind of money) but I'm not sure if it's actually that economic! 




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I've got a 45 tfsi but it is an A5 quattro cabriolet. Mines a few years old and I did think quattro was the only way to get this engine but could be wrong.

I am getting 30mph on gentle driving around town, a long term average of 30mph and a maximum of 35 on a mostly motorway journey.

I don't hoon about and it is mostly on economy so I would guess this probably as good as it will get 😀. Seems reasonable to me as was only getting around 36 with an Outlander diesel. 

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Thanks for the reply Stag.

30mpg is throwing the spanner in the works as that's what I'm expecting the S4 to be.... My original thought was I'd go for the A4 as it's less power but cheaper and gives me better mpg and is a good balance. 

But if it's the same economy as the S4 the. I'd rather have the nicer interior and more modern gadgets etc.

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