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Air suspension issues


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Hi all,

My 2010 Audi Q7 is showing some problems,
Few weeks back I noticed early morning my vehicle front both side is dropped down, after starting it will go back to its normal height, but since last week the time frame is down Like 3 hours of hault is enough for my car to drop down completely.
Also I noticed after putting the car to offroad mode, the front is not lifting completely up, but the rear side is totally fine.
Two days back i changed my tyres, after removing the jack, the front was dropped down completely, (jack mode was on)
Can some one help me ?
6 months back I replaced the air compressor and valve cover body.
Is it the level sensor or air bags ?

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Hi get an old spray bottle half fill with water and a little washing up liquid, shake until it foams and then spray around the air bags with the motor running you will see any leaks bubbling out in the foam, if its not that I would get the level sensors checked and reset.


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Sounds like a leak. If it was a level sensor it would probably stay down all the time even when running. If the bag isn’t leaking check around the top of the strut where it meets the top wishbone cradle too when your spraying as there is a rubber seal where they meet that can leak. It’s only £8 or something from Audi but you need to remove the strut to fit it. Failing that check the pipes on the compressor.

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