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Audi A6 C7 electric auxiliary heater


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Hi folks,

My mmi shows the option to ‘enable’ the auxiliary heater (tick box). However, There doesn’t seem to be any heat in the cabin until the engine warms up.

im assuming of course that it’s meant to heat the cabin?so I’m thinking it’s not working?


any thoughts




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Always thought that only the options fitted to the car would appear in the MMI?

Is there a list of Audi option codes anywhere? I have the build spec codes on the label, it should! be easy to find out?


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Here is a link to the Audi option codes. My car has option 7E6.

If you are not the original owner of the car, how do you know what tinkering might have been done with VCDS by the previous owners? Although I am not a user, I'm sure it is possible to bring up options in the MMI which have no effect because the item is not fitted. 

I cannot find a remote auxiliary heater option to pre-heat the cabin before the engine is started in a UK brochure, though it does appear in an American brochure. There I can also see a picture of a special key with a LCD display.

Looking on eBay there are auxiliary heater elements for sale. I guess these kick in once the engine has been started to provide a initial boost  as diesel engines are slow to warm up.

Hope this helps.

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Ah, hmm, VCDS tinkering possible although it was a lease car before I got hold of it.

Its not a pre-heater though, like you get in an ev or phev. As you said, I believe it’s an auxiliary heater to provide heat while the engine comes up to temp.

but many thanks for the link, it’s going to be useful.



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Rover used to have an optional auxiliary heater available on diesels which preheated the water so gave a warm start with instant defrosting and warm interior. They were diesel powered and available both with a timer or a remote system using a mobile phone signal. Could it be something along those lines?

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