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Lamborghini And Audi Recall Some Huracans And R8 Because A Scale At The Transmission Shop Lied

Steve Q

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A handful of Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan supercars might be out there running around with less transmission fluid than they should have. In response, both brands are recalling affected cars so that they can top the fluids off properly. Thankfully, less than 20 total cars were affected by this strange misstep caused by a faulty scale. 


When most of us get an oil change completed at a shop, the tech often uses a large container that gets filled with new oil to the exact level required for the vehicle in question. In an automotive manufacturing plant, people are taken out of the equation, and instead of a person watching to see exactly how much fluid is added, a scale is used to accurately measure fluid.

In the case of this recall, the scale used to determine the correct amount of transmission fluid for nine Lamborghini Huracans and eight Audi R8s was faulty. As a result, those cars ended up with less fluid in their gearbox than is required. To fix it, both brands’ technicians will check the cars in question and correct the level if necessary.


Aside from simply not lubricating the parts properly and damaging the clutch, both recalls mention the possibility that due to the low oil level, a transmission fluid leak could take place and increase the risk of fire. Sounds weird that less fluid could result in a leak, right?

Well, according to the recall documents “when operating the vehicle in a racetrack environment, this issue can possibly lead to generation of oil foam that could exit through the breather valve and create the risk of a fire.” So yes, a lack of oil could end up leaking as it could get so hot, since there’s not enough of it, that it foams and spills out. Lamborghini does note that this would be an extreme case though.

The recall includes 2020-2022 Huracan EVO and 2022 Huracan STO models, the 2021-2022 R8 Coupe and the 2022 R8 Spyder, so if you own one of those, maybe you should check with your local dealer to see if you’re affected. Lamborghini reports that a warning should pop up in the dash if your clutch slips, while letters will be mailed to all affected parties by June 3rd, 2022 at the latest. 


more info here: 




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