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Gearbox malfunction


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Hi all, brand new here but have been following threads for a long time.

So I have a 2011, q5 2.0 s tronic. Two days ago I was driving a 100mile journey. There was some congestion and when I stopped, my car stalled. I received the gearbox malfunction error, which stated I could still drive with limited function.

I managed to get to near service station but could only use even gears. Anyway I ended up getting towed. RAC stated the error was clutch pressure (I didn't record the error code unfortunately).

So yesterday and today it started fine, drove as normal all gears for a few mile. Then stalled in 1st gear when I slowed down. when I restarted it stalled as I put it in to drive. Then the same error comes up (gear box malfunction). From this point only even gears are in use including pulling off in 2nd.

I'm planning on booking car in to a garage this week but thought I'd throw this out here. It seems when it's in first either starting or stopping I get the same feeling as a manual clutch slip. It's just strange it's so smooth for the first 5miles each day.

I have seen many posts about loss of reverse, 2, 4, 6 but I have the opposite problem from the other clutch?
Do you think a gearbox service is appropriate, as I wasn't aware of this until I researched.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
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If you have no evidence of the gearbox oil being changed then I'd definitely get this done as old oil can definitely affect the s tronic ability to change gears. 

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