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Anyone else being driven nuts by Audi UK’s decision to stop supplying these cargo securing kit parts for such a large booted car, leaving owners with nothing to pin down loose cargo?

So… Looking to source the components designed to secure cargo in the boot of a 2020 model RS6?

The components include a telescopic bar with cylinder shaped end blocks that socket into a sliding boot rail clip. Another component is a retractable elasticated strap that spools out of another pair of cylinder shaped end blocks. It should also include a cargo net sized to suit an A6 sized boot rail system.

Attached are some example images to illustrate what I am looking for.

Audi stopped providing these as standard just before my model was released, though they still installed the rail system and provided the sliding rail clips.

The last 2 images show my specific version of the sliding clips and rails. I believe the cylinder components for my model are designed to clip into the holes in the top of these sliding clips. Therefore the cylinder components may be slightly different from those shown in the earlier illustrations which come as a single part that clips in to the rail itself. 

However, I am not sure about this last point.

Interested in hearing from anyone who can either offer to sell these parts in good working order, or advise from where I might source them.






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