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Long distance driving


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Hi All,

Recently purchased a 2016 A4 1.4 tfsi, so far so good. Prior to this car i have always owned diesels which are better suited to long journeys (i think). I am planning on driving to Turkey next month, i’ve made this journeys numerous times before. It’s roughly a 2000 mile journey London to Istanbul, driving through 9 countries. 

Just wanted to find out if you had any tips for the journey. I will obviously be taking out European breakdown cover, i have already noticed the A4 seems to get through a bit of oil ( about half a litre in the 2.5k miles i’ve done in 2 months) so i will take a couple of litres of oil with me.

The car will be doing motorway speeds all the way there except for traffic jams, fuel stops and border crossings other than this the Engine will be continuously running between 2-3k rpms for about 30 hours in pretty hot weather.

With the car being a petrol anything else I should bear in mind? With the previous cars i’ve let them idle for a few minutes before switching off for stops other than that just cracked on. 

 Appreciate your input, cheers.

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Hi Saviola,

13 hours ago, Saviola said:

i’ve let them idle for a few minutes before switching off for stops

I used to do this with my diesel and petrol cars, as i heard it just let's everything 'cool', especially the turbo.

But now i have a hybrid, it is so strange and worries me, because i can drive on the motorway for hours with a hot engine, and then hit traffic, and the petrol engine switches off immediately, and i would be running on the electric motor in traffic.  So no 'cooling' / idle time.

With these modern cars, i think they would have thought about this.  Well i hope so, so anyway, I don't think you have anything to worry about, as you are doing what i would normally be doing.

Sorry to semi hijack your thread.


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