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Hi just to let you guys know.? DO NOT USE Audi Bristol. The service and after sales is disgusting. I had problems with a main service, but foolishly returned for a oil service, Only to leave the dealership, be on the motorway and the oil warning light comes on, checked and the level was low, added 1ltr, After trying to speak to someone, I was put with the AFTER SALES MANAGER, ( not service manager) who told me they put in 10.2ltrs which in its self is incorrect, which was so say in total 11.2ltrs in a 10ltr engine, he then preceded to tell me it was probably an air lock, frothing of the oil or had to settle. What a load of rubbish, I’m an engineer and own my own small garage, and they spoke to me condescending. They also did not put the R8 technicians name on my invoice and refused to give me it.

I believe it was NOT an R8 technician worked on my car

. I have cut all the issues short with this mail. If you want to know more mail me. In my opinion if you have an R8 use Audi Bristol at your peril  

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Hello Steve,

Thanks for joining and posting. 
I will leave it to the forum administrators to decide on the way forward with this post, but it may be that although we would all sympathise with such an experience, and do take on board your name-and-shame posting,  it could be said that any such reporting doesn’t allow Audi Bristol to post any contra view, and that could be considered not to be a fair situation.

Anyway, meanwhile thanks for your post.

Kind regards,


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