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Good Morning,

Th extended warranty on my A4 Allroad b9 2017 tdi,, is due to expire on the

15/11/22. the car has only covered 27,000 miles in 5 years, and has been serviced by Audi 

main dealer since new.  I am pondering whether to take out  (Audi all in one)  at £719.00.

or just have the car serviced  by an independent Audi garage in future (who I trust) .

Your thoughts on this matter please.


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I bought a used  5 years old Audi Q5 last month. I've purchased the Audi all in cover. I think for £29.99 its a good value for money considering that apart from extending the warranty, it includes 2 services, 2 MOTs and 2 years breakdown cover.

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Yes, it does sound a reasonable ‘investment’. Sorry to be pessimistic, but have a read of the recent topic ‘Q5 engine failure’ - or similar. Not sure what engine you have, so well worth a check. Servicing plans at main dealers can leave you open to wear items such as brake pads and discs etc. needing renewing - at Audi prices! Breakdown cover is roadside assistance only, I think - rather than get you and the car transported home? but….
Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth,

My engine is the 2ltr 190 diesel, I had my timing belt/ water pump

replaced at 25,000. miles/5 years. regarding brake pads/disc etc,

I usually change things like that myself. regarding breakdown 

cover, get you home/etc. is included.




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