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Driving in wet weather / over puddles


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Hi All,

I've had quite a few cars in the past, A3, A4's, and a few golfs.  Currently driving a Q5 PHEV quattro.

My tyres are Pirelli Scorpion Verde on 20" rims, currently with just over 3mm tread all round, and all pressures correct for a single person.  I have to say that the wear seems to be more on the outside of the tyres more than the inside (slightly +1.5mm and it is not too obvious), so i am having the tracking done soon.  But to reiterate, the tread is more than 3mm throughout the width.

I do a lot of my driving on dual carriageways and motorways, and I've found that the car is very skittish in wet weather, and over puddles it 'pulls' a lot.  I definitely would NOT say any aquaplaning.  This Q5 pulls over puddles a lot more than my previous cars, and vans i've driven in the past.  My previous cars seem to drive over puddles 'at speed' (60+mph) without me noticing too much.

Any ideas if this is normal?  Because this is a bigger car, bigger rims, wider tyres, a lot heavier (over 2000kg because it is PHEV)?  Or because my tyres are rubbish, and tread is starting to get low (I see that people do recommend to change tyres at around 3mm, although legal is 1.6mm)?

Would be nice to hear what you think.

Thanks, Joe

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I have an a6 with 20inch wheels with tyres with 5-6 mm and it does the same, really pulls when going through puddles. I just put it down to wider tyres than my last car. 

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