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Where can I find these?


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Hi. My A3 has these 3 annoying holes on the side of the front bumper on both sides, and I was wondering where I can buy some covers/ add ons to hide them. I have seen them on only a few moded cars but I can’t seem to find them anywhere, can anybody help?

it’s a 2014 s line and it’s the little inlet behind the fog lights 

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Just looked at mine 2015 S line auto and I'm guessing the black plastic trim with the many little holes is replaceable and therefore available as a spare. Don't know easy it is to remove / replace but I would go to nearest scrapyard with a trim removal tool to see if they can be prized out. The three holes in your car would be for the clips to be inserted.

Best o' luck! i'd try to remove mine to see if what I've said makes sense, but a bit scare of breaking them.

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