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I just got my new etron GT saloon and I have some questions


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So I just got my new Audi etron gt saloon version after I had the Etron launch edition 55 quattro and at first glance its a stunning car and visually looks amazing, however that being said when I compare it to my launch edition Audi Etron the interior is way more inferior in terms of the accessories inside the car and the systems that they had inserted in , the most annoying thing I find is that the mileage haven't changed much, you still get pretty much the same miles with the GT as with the older version, maybe I am not comparing the right cars but I thought "upgrading" to the GT will actually feel like an upgrade but I actually thinks the launch edition is way more superior and I was wondering if it was only me or is there more people like me out there, also on a side note, if you own an etron GT why cant I change it to S mode when I drive, is this an extra option that needs to be purchased and only available in the RS version or is there a way to do it and I just dont figure it out.

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Hi. Just got my new E-Tron GT and I must agree with you I was a little disappointed with the interior. I traded my A6 Avant Black Edition for the E-Tron and it was much better inside. Retractable covers over the trinket boxes and drinks holders ect.

What do you mean by S mode? Mine changes the 2 speed box automatically under brisk acceleration. Probably not doing the transmission much good through.


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