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Help needed- A5 tfsi 2011 - engine management light on fault


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Hi, I’m looking for help please. My A5 has been great for years but last week the ‘air pressure low , stop engine, ‘ came on and then went off . Popped to Audi dealer and asked to check. They advised ‘faulty oil pressure switch’ . Both switches subsequently changed , alongside oil filter . Ran fine for 3 days then engine management light came on. The dealership reset to zero but after 20 miles the light came on again. Dealer  advised multiple faults showing on the computer, including throttle. Which is quite a big job apparently, and therefore big money. Car seems to be running perfectly but don’t want to get caught in the change every multiple fault  part that will be a huge cost, if it’s just an electrical glitch or something when the switch was changed anyone got any advice please or is there a real Audi specialist garage I could go to Warwickshire /West Midlands to check Thanks for your advices.  Love my car and want it sorted. 

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Hi , I’ve had the car for six years and I’ve never changed the battery, so at least six. When I got it it had only done 14,000 miles ( it’s only do 63000 now) so I doubt the previous owner would have changed the battery. In terms of diagnosis, I don’t have a read out, but I remember seeing oil pressure, airbag, throttle revs too much, there was one other but I don’t know what it was.thanks 

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