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Should I buy an A3?


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Hello All. I’ve seen an A3 1.6 TDI 2012 for sale that I like the look of. I went to have a quick look this week and I’m taking it out for a test drive on Friday. When I went to see it earlier this week it was outside the garage with the doors and windows open. There was some condensation on the inside of the front window. I didn’t really have long to look around it and only got a quick sit inside. I’ve since checked the previous MOT’s and the last one had an advisory of ‘coolant leak’ 


opinions please? 

many thanks

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Take a look at YouTube buyers guides. 

Check the service history. Is it full? 

Has the Cambelt and water pump been changed on time. Has the gearbox oil been changed on time. 

Dpf and egr coolers are expensive bills when they break. 

Make sure all electrical items work as things like AC compressors can be expensive. 

Coolant leak, could it be a leaking heater matrix causing water and thus condensation in the cabin. 

I think it's very odd the windows to be down for a viewing. 

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Walk away from it Anna. There are plenty of decent diesels coming onto the market with the advent of electric cars and the ban on the sale of new diesels in a few years time. There's a very small chance of an innocuous explanation for the moisture, and a very large chance of a serious problem, so why take the risk?

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