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Door connector A3 repair loom

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Hi, I'm new to this, I've been searching the net and found this owners club. 

If any one's interested I can supply Door Loom Repair Kits, using New Audi Connector blocks and heat resistant silicone covered Tinned Copper Conductor they are very Flexible and are multi Variant fitting. You can find them on eBay but I will give a good discount to club members


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Hi! What length are the wires? Ideally I'd like to have all my connections fully inside the door card!


Also, how much for a set of 2 for OSF/NSF?







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Hi Al, 

The wire length is approx 300mm on the plug side (DOOR) and 225mm on the socket side (A PILLAR) but I can make them any length you want up to 1000mm for the door plug. 

I only use "QUADLOCK" pins and contacts. This ensures the best possible contact between the two halves of the loom. I also recommend replacing both parts as some of the wires carry very low signal voltages. Normally they sell on eBay for £66 for both parts (male/Female). 

(I was quoted £330 from Audi dealership, this is why I started to make them myself.) 

However, if you want both side's of the vehicle I'll do them for £100 and free next day signed for delivery. Please note the wires are not the same colour as the original! So care must be taken when making the connections. If you wish to chat via Email: davidcarterboatman@gmail.com 


Dave C. 

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Hi Dave, 

Do you happen to do these for a Skoda Superb 2012( our other car)? They suffer from the same issue.  I’ve managed to repair mine a couple of times by splicing in a few lengths of the correct wires, but it’s just a bodge. Annoyingly the door loom has already been replaced as the part number showed it was the evolution part that was a bit longer, however the person that’s fitted it has pulled all the slack inside the door before securing the clips. 

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Sorry, only just picked up your message, 

I'm not sure if this part fits your vehicle or not. 

However, if you disconnect the flug from the socket you'll find a number on the side. Pleas look at the photos. 

Regards, Dave. 





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I can make them with wire length of up to 1000mm.

The standard length is 300mm for the "A" pillar & 500mm for the Door Conector. 

If you can send a photo to davecarterboatman@gmail.com I'll check them for you. 



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Thanks Dave, 

From memory I think it might be different, but I’ll double check through the week when I can get the car undercover. We’ve got snow on the ground here. 

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