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Mmi keeps reseting on memory card


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Hi all 


My memory card keeps resetting to 1st song half way through a different song it works perfectly in our b8 but not c7.

My satellite navigation is faulty the GPS has no signal just says am off road sometimes works sometimes not wonder if that's the cause was in a previous bmw and our a4 b8 has no nav 


Any help appreciated 


Thanks Mark 

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On 4/1/2023 at 3:08 PM, Steve Q said:

I'd recommend a diagnostic check to see if any fault codes flag up 

Did scan it with carista and navigation fault came up 

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Disconnected gps and charged battery now seems to work as it should :whistling1:

Ordered cheapo gps antenna off fleebay

possibly battery issue as its original 2013 unit.

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Replaced gps antenna today with cheapo off eBay just stuck under dash now all is well nav works perfectly too with 9 satellites 

Below is gps unit may help others ...




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