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Smoke pouring from engine bay

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I wondered if anyone else has suffered this issue.

Two weeks ago, I noticed a burning smell in the passenger compartment and pulled over. Smoke was coming from the offside wheel arch and the smell was like burning plastic. I opened the bonnet and the smoke (grey in colour) was coming from the left side of the engine, as you look at it. Audi assistance recovered the car and it was taken for repair. I was told there was a split in a hose which meant spots of oil were hitting the turbo casing and burning off, hence the smoke.

After another 40 miles of driving, the same has happened again. The Audi assistance technician who attended the vehicle was the same both times and stated that the dealer had obviously not repaired the issue properly (I knew that myself) so car has been recovered again.

Has anyone had the same issue?

I have lost a lot of faith in the car (it’s 11 months old, 13150 miles on it from new). Do I have any remedies available to me?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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I would say this is a case of losing faith in the dealer rather than the car.

It’s a split hose which can happen on any car, which has obviously not been repaired properly by the dealer. Get them or another dealer to repair it.

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Thank you for the reply. I’m speaking to the manager of the service department today and will update this post after that conversation

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Had a phone call from them today. They have had a look under the car and there is an oil leak which hasn’t been solved by replacing a hose which had split (this was replaced last week the first time it happened). They have said they need to take the car out and try to replicate the fault. This will now be done next week. I have told them I’m extremely frustrated by all this and have arranged a meeting with the dealer principal to discuss. Hope everyone has a good weekend

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