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Flat Performance


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Hi all. I’ve recently purchased a 2020 A3 1.5 (35) s-line for the misses. 

When pulling away it’s feels flat up to around 3k revs then picks up. like it’s holding back

I didn’t expect it to be a rocket ship but it seems odd it’s not nippy off the line, almost reluctant to get going.

it is due to go in to Audi for 4 recalls to be done in October, not sure if any of these are performance related. 

has anyone had theirs remapped? Wondering if this is a common issue and if it can be given a bit more zip in the lower range. 

Thank in advance. 

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Hello Mathew,

Thanks for joining. 
I just wonder if this car has been subject to the emissions scandal recalls - have a look at numerous posts under such topics. 
If this were mine, I would be reading these posts and doing some thorough homework on what these 4 recalls are, before allowing them to be carried out. 
Kind regards,


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