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Project Audi


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Hello all I’m new on here , some help please. Seen this driver less A7 on YouTube and can’t get the imagine out of my mind . Opinions please , is it a wrap or a spray job ? Please excuse my ignorance :) Joe 


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Hi Joe,

that would just be DECALS.  And you can custom them to what you want with design and colours, etc.

Thanks, also Joe

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9 hours ago, Joseph lee said:

silly question alert 🚨 🙂 whats decals ? 

another name for stickers.

You see them on vans, cars, lorries that advertise for companies.  Not forgetting TAXI's.  Also, sports cars, F1 cars, etc.  And push bikes / motorbikes, etc.

So, you can have any design, any colour, for any car you want.

If you decide to do something with your car, post some pictures when you are finished.

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Morning ! Oh I see Thankyou you Joe , I will investigate. Magnet , thought we were friends on here with a common interest ….. 

“ google it ! “ happy Friday to you too 🤦‍♂️

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Well done Joe - all in Welsh humour jest. 
I’ve had a great Friday out in my dotage - sure you have too. 
Kind regards,


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