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Headlight Issue

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Hi All, 

I have ordered secondhand replacement headlights for my A8 D3 as the old ones were botched with an "upgrade". However, I'm getting a "bulb out" warning when turning on the car even with the lights off (driver's side) and then both out when I turn the lights on. 

The passenger side (and sometimes the drivers side) Xenon lights turn off after being on for just a couple of seconds but stay on when turned off and back on. Weird! 

Is this likely to be the ballast or ignitor or the bulbs? 


David 😄

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. The wiring seems okay and everything worked  when we bought the car with the butchered headlights (but the beam was too low and couldn't be adjusted).  It seems odd that I get a "bulb out" warning on the driver's side when I turn on the car (even with the lights off) and bulbs out on both sides when I turn on the lights. I'll try changing the igniters initially and will report back.

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