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Electronic Stability Problem after changing brakes


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Hi, I have an 2011 A1 that was bought as a Cat S due to front passenger wish bone and wing damage. I replaced those parts and while at it i also replaced all brake discs, calipers and pads all round. I had to also replace the rear passenger disk plate as it fell apart when i replaced the caliper. When doing this i damaged the speed sensor so have also replaced that.
Now when testing the drive ( car is all up on axle stands ) the Electronic Stability Problem ( ESP ) light comes on and restricts the revs. I'm presuming its an ABS / Speed sensor issue. The front passenger brake pad ( inside one ) also has a wire from the brake pad which i have no idea where it plugs into ( maybe its for a different model ) so have left it for now.
Any idea's on where / how to work out whats wrong. I'm presuming it has to be something to do with the front wheels as they are the only ones moving
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Hey @Steve Q thanks for the response. Turns out it was because the car was on Axel stands and all four wheels have to be turning or the ESP "thinks" you are in a skid. I put all the wheels back on, dropped it on the ground and it hasn't happened since 👍

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