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I recently purchased an Audi tts 09 plate. The tpms always comes on I have had all the sensors checked from Audi themselves and they don’t know why it randomly comes on. Is there any advice out there? I can drive 100 miles and it’s ok then jump in and go to the shop and then it comes on. Then vic versa 

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Hello Blair,

Welcome, and thanks for joining,

I must start by admitting TPMS and Stop/start ( in reverse order) are the two ‘fancy bits’ that I definitely prefer to be without! 
As I see it, we first need something to test the system tests! That would come in the form of a quality tyre pressure gauge - do you have one? If not Halfords do a nice digital one, for less than £10 - was price.

I wonder if the clue here is ‘drive 100 miles and it’s OK’

‘Drive to the shop’ (after it’s been standing for some time?) and it’s not. 
This might be explained by:- If you drive a 100 mile trip, you will find your tyre pressures will have increased by around 3psi from what they were when cold. 
The true test ( with apologies if you’ve already done it):- 

Using your Halfords gauge, and not the one on the machine you are using, set the tyres to their recommended pressures. Make sure this is done only after a short journey when the tyres haven’t warmed up. 
Ignore any TPMS light that may come on, and use the car for about a week and recheck the tyre pressures with the Halfords gauge after the same to-the-machine journey. Compare those pressure readings with the previously set readings.

Any reduction in pressures at any wheel? If so, the TPMS maybe  dealing with this as it should. 
Perhaps you could come back to us with your findings Blair. 
Thankfully I don’t have TPMS, and have a simple regime of checking the pressures once a month with the same gauge. 
Kind regards,


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Hi thank you for getting back to me. I have a had the car to multiple garages and also have a tyre pressure gauge. The 100 miles is just to make a point. I can drive all day and nothing, then nip to the shop and it will come on. Or it will come on after 1,4,50 miles. There’s not a partern it just comes on whenever. They guys at Audi can’t even decide what it is. They even tried to bypass it so it just won’t work but couldn’t.

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