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Audi R8 problem with looms


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I believe that that has been an inherent problem with the brake/ looms. The year of my R8 is 2020. I had a problem with the brake light and the garage replaced a full set of looms as they said they were rusty. I presumed that these were plastic coated. The light was still on so they then replaced another part. I cannot remember which part this was. Have other owners had this problem.

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Why on earth would the copper wiring looms on a 2020 R8 be rusty? Even the connectors have 3 o-rings to prevent water ingress.  

Maybe if the connector was somehow broken, water could have corroded the contacts, but you wouldn't need a new loom to fix that.  Even if the PCV coating wore off somehow you could easily just replace the affected wiring, not the whole loom. 

Unless you mean they replaced a short piece of wiring loom/ connector associated with the lights. More details would be needed.  

See a lot of Ignition coil issues on these but not brake light wiring... 

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Thank you, I have to admit it's not my car it belongs to my son. I am just trying to help as I believe that the garage are .... ! and other unmentionable words. 

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Hello Jean,

Regrettably, don’t think you are giving us enough in-depth detail to be able to comment. 
I would strongly suggest that if your son is dissatisfied with the service he is getting, then it would be in his best interest to find another recommended garage. 
Kind regards,


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