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Red Light Audi


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I've a petrol Q5 (latest version) that I have owned since 2018.  The other day I was driving in offroad mode (on a normal road) when the wheels felt like they were restricted, there was a rather 'mechanical' sound, vibration up the steering column and a red triangular warning sign on the display.  The noise was quite loud and a pedestrian turned round to look.  This all vanished after a few seconds when everything returned to normal.  This happened about three years ago.

I've had my local garage run diagnostics on the car and no faults were found.  The garage owner said it may have been the four wheel drive which sometimes gets a bit 'confused'.

Anyone had similar?





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If it happened 3 years ago and not since then I wouldn't be worrying about it. As a rule of thumb no 4x4 should be driven in constant 4 wheel drive on tarmac as it can prematurely wear out the diff, gearbox, driveshafts etc. 

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Hi Steve

I think that I have found out what it is.  Someone suggested the ABS emergency braking system and it felt just like it.  I'd never have thought of this as both times it happened I was on a dry road doing less than 30 mph!  It happened to others:






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