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Several Questions re Oil, Plugs and Brake Parts

Disgracefully Old

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Hello all.

I know everyone has their own opinions and taste, but I wondered what the general thought is regarding my questions below.

What engine oil do you all tend to run for your TT's. I have a 2016 standard TT Roadster with the 2.0L engine and stage one mapped. 

I'm thinking of picking up one of these K&N Oil filters - https://www.knfilters.co.uk/hp-7038-oil-filter

And one of these high flow panel filters rather than a hugely expensive air induction kit, which I had on my last three cars and can honestly say I didn't really notice anything that different, as long as the engine gets the right amount of air, and preferably from outside and not from a hot engine bay does it really make that much difference? Anyway here's the panel filter - https://www.knfilters.co.uk/33-3005-replacement-air-filter

Spark Plugs. Which ones do you guy's run, I presume it's the NGK Iridium ones such as the BKR8EIX because they are supposed to be a colder plug, rather than a hot running plug which according to the NGK website can damage the engine as opposed to running a colder one if S1 Mapped?

And, How much Oil in total with a new filter too please ? ( I see several different numbers out there, and since the house move I can't for the life of me find the !Removed! handbook, but I will keep searching. )

I also need to change all my brake discs because they are starting to lip. Again do you guy's have any thoughts on these, and I think I'll go for the yellow stuff pads because they seem highly rated and have been around for a very long time.

Lastly, and regarding the brakes, I am thinking of callipers here, can we up-grade these without going silly? What I mean here, and the older generation on here will get this, but, I don't want to buy a Rolls Royce when a Granada will do.

I'd like to paint them or send them off to somewhere like https://www.biggred.co.uk/ to get then stripped, cleaned, new pistons and seals but without the price tag of new calipers.

So, what are your thoughts, please.

Thank you in advance.


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Hello Steve,

I’ll try to answer some of your questions:- 

Engine oil? - always used VAG’s own brand - Quantum ( Longlife 3) bought at competitive prices from reputable eBay sellers. Check viscosity grade you require (5w/30?) and specification within grade. 
Oil filter? Mann or Bosch if not using Audi - again off eBay,and often from Parts in Motion on there. 
Spark plugs? Yes, I go with NGK.

Brake discs? I tend to go with Brembo - again usually from P in M. I don’t buy any parts on price, and certainly not on a ‘that’s good enough’ principle. I aim to buy good quality at most competitive prices from reputable companies. 
Painting brake calipers ? Not for me - too tarty, but everyone to their own. 
Perhaps you could let us know whether any of the above is useful. 
Kind regards,



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