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A3 3 door discontinued?


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2 hours ago, Royleblue said:

On the Audi configurator it states that the A3 3 door is subject to availability. On the configurator app it doesn’t even show as an option. Is this temporary or are the discontinuing the 3 door?

Yep, the A3 3 door is being discontinued. The info was released in august. Here is the thread I posted in the news section:



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One article I read said 80% of all A3's sold were the five door sportback, another said they sell "ten times more 5 door than 3 door".........

I think i've read something similar for the VW Polo & Golf which I think I've read the 3 door versions of those are being scrapped as well....

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On 12/23/2017 at 1:32 PM, Royleblue said:

Glad I got mine when I did then.


1 hour ago, neilg2483 said:

Yep. I ordered mine in September and they confirmed then that it was probably my last chance to get a 3 door.

You both will be driving something which is slightly more exclusive :) 

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