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  1. 18 hours ago, Teddynewson said:

    Not sure if this is allowed if not please delete, so now iv got the new interior mine up for sale front seats are white, back seat and door cards are black all good condition no rips, and the rear lights 100.00 

    Yea it's fine to sell on here. I'd recommend doing a separate post under the for sale section. 

    Guessing you got your new seats installed ok? 

  2. On 5/24/2024 at 11:53 AM, technician said:

    Hi Steve,

    The problem is now that virtually anything inside the M25 seems to be in the ULEZ zone and I do travel inside the M25 pretty regularly.

    I can probably currently stretch to £15k for a car at the moment.  For that price I can get a low (ish) mileage 2012 to 2015 TDI cd but it won't really buy a late 2015/2016 car as they seem to be about £5k more for an equivalent car.  I plan to use the car for towing so a petrol engine version would not be as good.


    It's a nightmare. If it's for towing then I understand why you want diesel. 

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