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  2. Hi Gareth, Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks for the suggestion about the battery, It would be great if that resolves the issues. I am kicking myself over the private sale and wording as I had asked the seller if there were any known faults and was going to ask him to write it on the receipt and then, in the moment, managed to forget. I will post an update as soon as I know more Best wishes Charlie
  3. Hello Charlie, In my experience, displayed fault lights disappearing on switching off and switching on again is not uncommon. Maybe too simplistic, but such fault lights/messages can occur where the battery voltage or efficiency is below par. Appreciating the car is only 5 years old, batteries now have a hard life with stop/start systems and are more likely to suffer shorter service lives. Dont quote me! since I’m trying to get my aging brain around these systems, but there could now be two batteries fitted to your car. Where you stand with faults with a car bought as a private sale? It all depends on how the car advertisement was worded. If any ( particularly written) reference is made to its overall condition then the vehicle should match that condition. Verbal assurances - obviously more difficult to prove. Condition matching the advertised wording often leads to descriptions such as ‘drives, runs, stops’ , limiting the comeback on private sales. Good luck in getting it sorted. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hi, Any help/suggestions with this would be much appreciated. I bought an S6 in a private sale a few days ago and since then random fault codes have been appearing when I start the car but then disappear when the car is turned off and then back on again. The first issue was a fault with the start/stop- a message appeared and the car refused to start. I turned the start/stop off and tried again and the car started. I turned the car off and then back on again with start/stop engaged and it was fine with no messages. The next issue, later the same day, the display showed a fault with adaptive lights- again this code disappeared when I turned the car off and on again. Later the same day,another issue. This time, adaptive cruise was unavailable with the message "ACC and Audi braking guard not available". I turned the car off and back on and this issue also disappeared. I am booking the car in for a diagnostic check with my local dealership asap but was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what the problem could be? I'm wondering if it could have been caused by out of date software maybe? I'm also wondering where I stand with the previous owner who assured me that there were no faults when I bought it from him Thanks everyone for reading this!
  5. Mets


    Anyone know a tracker system they could recommend. And cost!
  6. Hi Could someone possibly help me. I own a A4 Avant and want to add cruise control so I have purchased and installed the cruise control stick (part no 8K0953502BK). I have then tried to code it but when turning the engine on it is saying ACC not available?
  7. I'm about to purchase a 2016 16 plate A4 Avanti SLine TDi 150 in Scuba Blue- metallic. I have still to go see the car but its reserved for me. Will it come with the dynamic back indicator lights. That's a clincher for me lol
  8. Well I have been the owner of a slightly modded used B8 Audi S5 Convertible with the S-Tronic gearbox for over a month. Whilst I enquired about gearbox issues before I purchased the car and the test drive drive didn't highlight any issues. I got the gearbox malfunction yellow warning, you can continue to drive after a few weeks after purchase. The car still drove normally and I didnt have any issues with gear changes on a hill, nor clutch engagement issues. Not wanting further problems I decided to look at garages that could perform the mechtronics repair kit. Based in Ascot, I looked at 3d tranmissions in Reading and Milta in Bristal. Finally found a garage on Facebook called "Mercury Auto Repair" in Hayes / Southhall and with many positive reviews on Google / good garage review and many FB images of recent megatronics replacement. I decided to go there last week and I had the megatronics replaced today. My car has 3 errors logged in the ecu: Valve 3 in sub transmissions 1 electrical fault. Clutch temperature monitoring Torque limitation due to clutch temperature. Had the megatronics repair kit done today. I also brought the extra N472 cooling solenoid and brought the 0B5 315 105 TC oil cooling pipes and 0B5 315 105 TA oil cooling pipes. The owner Ciprian did all the work and I was very impressed. He used all Genuine Audi parts and was extremely careful with my car. They even had to deal with me watching over them at times for the whole day as I was working remotely there. At the moment I have driven in heavy traffic and sprinted driving on motorways and B roads and all I can say is, the car is amazing. I highly recommend this garage Mercury Auto Repairs. Regards
  9. Hi All, just bought a q7 and it has two issues. no1: the air suspension does not seem to move. When I access the page on screen it has only one option which is automatic. It has 3 red bars showing but will not allow me to change out of auto? no2: parking brake red light will not go out. Tried pulling the handbrake back with my foot but does nothing. Seems to release but the beeping noise is annoying. thanks in advance!!
  10. So - managed to get a bit of time to look at this - removed the plastic rocker cover to expose the cam and injectors - cam belt was still there, no obvious damage. Turned the engine over...….the serpentine belt spun - but the cam belt didn't....I'm guessing the teeth on the crank pulley have stripped the belt and obviously the pistons have now hit the valves..…. don't think its worth repairing - its got 255K on the clock and this is the first time it has let me down in the 8 years of ownership. I did look at engine reconditioning - but there are some real horror stories out there and some real scam artists! Mark
  11. I’ve heard of a fault on Audi diesels which can happen when you try to jump start them on a dead battery. There’s a relay that fails the tell tale sign is the glow plug light doesn’t come on when you put the ignition on. My mate told me about it ages ago but can’t remember where he said it was 🤔 I think he said it was somewhere by the steering column but I’m not sure. See if your light is coming on or not and if needed I’ll message him to find where it is.
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  13. Hi all, I have just got my 1st Audi ..2018 A3 S-Line saloon.... really pleased … Now my garage door isn't too wide and a bit tight getting in . I'd like to use a Wifi camera in the garage looking at the door and displaying on my display in the car to help me not damage my paintwork. Any technical assistance will be very much appreciated. Thanks for a great forum
  14. Thank you for your kind reply. I opted to go with Autoserve Ltd who have "revised" the maintenance costs to £26.95 per month over 2 years. the contract offers ALL servicing over 2 years at an Audi dealership and includes tyres as long as not sidewall damage and vandalism and if tread is 2mm or less. additionally included is MOT,warranty assistance, breakdown recovery,courtesy vehicle, collection+ delivery,24hr driver care technical support.
  15. Hi. I'm new to the forum only had my audi a few weeks absolutely love the car! Was just wondering if anybody has experience the Glow plug flashing and solid engine management warning lights before. I've attached a video any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks VID_20190614_184847.mp4
  16. Hi. I'm new to the forum only had my audi a few weeks absolutely love the car! Was just wondering if anybody has experience the Glow plug flashing and solid engine management warning lights before. I've attached a video any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks VID_20190614_184847.mp4
  17. Hi. I'm new to the forum only had my audi a few weeks absolutely love the car! Was just wondering if anybody has experience the Glow plug flashing and solid engine management warning lights before. I've attached a video any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks VID_20190614_184847.mp4
  18. Hi to all... I have Audi A4 B8 2012 yesterday after maps update i see message on screen "MAPS NOT ACTIVATED " i download the activation file and instal them same as maps from sd card , i press UPDATE -->STANDARD-->START UPDATE then i get another message on screen "UPDATE WILL CONTINUE AFTER MMI RESET " then problem starts MMI reset and never turn on again. PLEASE HELP
  19. Advice please . I have a3 2tdi 2004 I changed the battery to a new one ( like for like) but now all the dashboard lights are lit up. I used vcds to clear codes but for some reason car has gone into steering angle test ( which seems to be stuck in a loop ) . I took it to Audi dealership they ran tests and recon it's the controller for the abs. But when tested with vcds it says that the unit is working fine ?? Any ideas please ?
  20. Software fault, Audi known fault, waiting on Dealer to update software
  21. Hello Melanie, Difficult without have an idea of a budget. Perhaps a personalised number generally available from ‘reasonable’ prices up - possibly direct off the DVLA cherished number sale website. If that is too expensive then you would need let us know. Kind regards, Gareth.
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