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S4 Cab seat recline switch issue & repair guide


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Hi wondering if anyone can offer some help please. The electric recline on my drivers seat doesn't work. I've prised the back of the seat (used a putty knife and table knife, one on each side of the three clips at the top and managed to get these out without breaking them biggrin.png). I've tested the recline motor by connecting it directly to the car battery and it moves in both directions without any problem. So I know it's mechanically all good. I am now thinking that the issue is the electrics. Where do I start? Is there a fuse that just controls the recline of the seat (I don't believe so)? Would it be the switch module on the side of the seat? Or there is what looks like a control box under the seat (part # 8H0 959 760 A) - could this be the issue? I've looked inside the control module and its got lots of electrical components - difficult to see but there are not apparent components burnt out or shorts on the PCB. Or could it be something else that I've not though of?

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Welcome to the forum Keith, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 馃檪

id definitely consider the switch bto be honest. But it might be worth you checking the condition of the wiring which will be found under the seat I believe.



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Hi all

All fixed.聽 It was the switch unit on the side of the seat.聽聽 In case it of use to anyone else who has this problem having learnt the hard way I would recommend:

1) Remove the seat back panel (3 clips at the top - use 2 table knives or similar - one on each side of the clip and prise them out one at a time and they shouldn't break off the back panel).聽

2) Locate motor.聽 You can easily remove the power connector.聽 Then apply 12V directly to the motor.聽聽Reverse polarity to test movement in both directions.聽This will determine if it the motor or something else.聽 If it is the motor you'll need to replace it.

3) If the motor works then look at the switch box on the side of the seat.聽 Realistically best to take the seat out.聽 Even though they are not Torq headed聽bolts - a聽torq t40 or t50 will work to remove the 4 bolts.聽 Disconnect the seat electrical connectors from the connector blocks under the seat.聽 Get the seat out and remove the side cover panels.

4) Check the switch unit.聽 It opens up with a small torq driver.聽 Check PCB for damage.聽 If no apparent burn outs then test the wiring.聽 I've no 12V across the pins relating to the recline motor then it will be a wiring issue.聽 More likely evidently it will be the switch unit.聽聽

5) Source a replacement - I found one on eBay.聽 It came with the side panel as well.聽聽 I soon learnt why! The push switches that you use to operate the recline/headrest and forward/back and tilt are really difficult to get off without breaking the tabs that connect them on to the switch unit on the other side of the side panel.聽 I think you'll be lucky to do it - particularly the forward/back one.聽 I broke the replacement one I had just bought and had to use the old one which I'd also damaged removing the switches - but fortunately not to the extent that it couldn't be used聽(it is slightly lose now though).聽聽 So I swapped parts from one to the other to get a unit that worked.

6) Based on 5) above I would ensure that you buy the unit without the switch handles attached.聽 From what I can see the switch handles are quite robust so you should be able to get your old ones off and re-use.

Hope this is of help to someone.

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